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Binary Options-Description of Binary Options

Binary options are being referred to as one of the most popular forms of online investment instruments available to traders across the globe. They are very easy and simple to understand, and don’t require any financial knowledge, experience or background. All you need to know is that there are only 2 possible outcomes for a binary option trade: An asset that’s going “UP” or “DOWN”.

binary option scam
binary option scam

The most basic form of binary options is called “High/Low” and if the option expire in-the-money, you can make up to 85% profit on a single trade. Because most of the risk and money management principles are removed from the actual investment decision, binary options are a favorite investment choice amongst beginner investors.

CFD Description – Forex Trading

CFDs (contracts for difference) have become increasingly popular since 2009. Unlike binary options, they enable traders to make a use of leverage on any trade they open. Since CFDs & Forex trading require only 10%-20% initial investment from the total value of the underlying asset, it is possible to make substantially higher profits when choosing them over binary options.

Because CFDs & Forex trading don’t require particular conditions for price entry or exit, restrictions for buying or selling or time limits regarding holding the trade, it gives traders a competitive edge in terms of trading flexibility.pointer

In the light of the facts mentioned above, it is necessary to emphasize that understanding CFDs/Forex trading essentials will definitely upgrade your trading experience. Therefore, the only one possible outcome of your trading experience—is competency in CFDs & Forex trading.

Webtradingview.com enjoys the expert advice and services of a team of dedicated financial analysts, whose aim is to provide daily market news and views about the global financial markets and the changes that are taking place in the world’s economy. Passport picture of a woman with long dark hair and a light blue blouseBusinessman portraitiStock_000054562212_Large

It is our honor and pleasure to introduce them to you: Michael
McGrowdie, Emily Cass, and Nathan Garrard. With over 43 years of combined financial experience, they are able to bring their vast knowledge and profe
ssional background directly to you, our readers. In addition, they will be providing assistance with their expertise in the field of binary options and CFDs.

Since online trading is our main area of focus, Michael, Emily and Nathan will follow different patterns and trends that are solely meant to educate beginner traders and investors who are eager to learn and know more about this fascinating topic.















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