Account Types

For the recent years, Binary Options trading has evolved tremendously and continues to grow in popularity around the globe, widening the boundaries of traders’ expectations. Since this way of online trading has become the most lucrative investment tool known today it is crucial to plan your own strategy on how to select the best Binary options broker of the existing multitude.

In fact, it is essential to bear in mind the importance of selecting the right platform that can provide the traders with more than just conventional benefits as reliability, insurance and withdrawal options, but the advanced technologies and effective trading possibilities.

And here is the first tip: select a smart broker, responsive and customer-focused, the one, which can upgrade your trading experience with numerous investment options. In other words, look for the broker who can accustom you with the most convenient, productive and dynamic trading accounts.

The following selection of the account types will give you a clear vision on what the most successful Binary Options platform can offer its prospective traders. Consider special account types designed and developed by Opteck:

  • Green Account is a perfect decision for the beginning traders. This account type will supply you with an attractive 25% welcome bonus, live phone and chat support, which is essential for those who are aimed to have a high start in their trading careers. Additionally, you will be presented with an unlimited access to Opteck’s eBook on Binary Options Trading, as well as a free access to 22 educational video tutorials that would certainly develop and upgrade your trading skills.
  • Bronze Account will certainly suit every ambitious trader. This account type will provide you with an effective 35% welcome bonus and an introduction session with a Junior Account Manager, which is aimed to enlighten and educate you with necessary essentials of binary options trading. Furthermore, you will receive daily market reviews via email, free informative Opteck eBook on Binary Options Trading; additionally, you will benefit from live phone and chat support services.

           Note, Bronze account type presents the traders with $5,000 Demo account.

  • Silver Account is certainly a big step towards your trading success. This account presents all the traders with an indulging 45% welcome bonus. An outstanding trait of Silver Account is the accessibility 10 to 20 Trading Signals per day, delivered by top Signals XP. Besides, the traders will get Introduction Webinar on Market Liquidity.
  • Gold Account an authentic trading account that incorporates all the features of the previous account types. Moreover, it presents the investors with unique 65% welcome bonus, $15,000 Demo account, illuminating on valuable upcoming trading events. Additionally, the traders will be presented with Introduction & Strategy session with a Senior Account Manager, receiving +1% extra payout and 20 to 30 Trading Signals per day. 
  • Platinum Account a superb account type that enables the traders to multiply their potential profits. Having opened Platinum Account the traders will receive: An 85% welcome bonus, Introduction & Strategy session with an Executive Account Manager, +1 extra payout, 30-40 Trading Signals per day and more unique features. Take into consideration that all the traits of the previous account types are being established within Platinum Account as well.
  • Black Account an outstanding possibility for the leaders. Grants you with 100% Welcome Bonus, +2% extra payout, 40 to 50 Trading Signals per day, $50,000 Demo account and more precious features that would easily upgrade your trading career for the highest level.

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