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Online trading is a unique world of exceptional possibilities, safe and secure trades, significant profits and successful investments. It includes two possible choices: trading binary options, or CFDs; regardless of your preference—you always select an equally productive, fruitful and satisfactory industry that will reveal your trading potential. You can easily succeed trading, choosing the right interactive broker to assist you with your trading progress. Let us illuminate more on the issue.

In binary options, as well as in CFDs, you can achieve exceptional results, trading on the assets’ value changes and movements. It is always possible to trade binary options and CFDs on a wide variety of asset categories, such as: commodities, indices, stocks, currencies and futures. Each asset has its own unique features, advantages and strong points. You can easily find all the necessary information regarding the asset categories characteristics below:


Stocks constitute one of the most popular asset categories, distinguished for the famous brands they let you to trade with. Consider trading on Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and more famous companies’ stocks. Think of potential benefits and possible profits you can easily make, trading on these world known assets.iStock_000054415180_Medium Some interactive brokers such as Opteck provide a special and extremely comfortable way of trading both binary options and CFDs. It is always easy to trade when you are in the comfort of your home, using your preferable device: iPhone, iPad, Android or PC.


Commodities are considered to be financial instruments that reflect the prices’ movements; in fact, commodities is a popular way of trading used in both binary options and CFDs. Trade with delight on the most appealing commodities such as: Gold, Silver, Oil, Sugar, Coffee, Wheat and more attractive merchandises. iStock_000058256564_Medium So, commodities’ prices have a tendency to change over time based on the supply and demand of the particular asset. These assets are extremely easy to trade on, since you can simply watch the current news to make your own conclusions regarding the specific commodity’s directionality.


Currencies prove to be one of the most profitable assets used in binary options and CFDs trading.  This type of trading involves investing on the exchange rate of different currency pairs.  For instance, consider trading on the following currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/GBP, EUR/GBP and many others. This type of online trading is pleasant, extremely simple and definitely prevalent among traders of all levels.


When you start trading on indices, take in account advantages of trading on the following indices options:Muenster, Germany - August 25, 2012: List of stock market indices on a high resolution LCD screen presented on iPhone 4 Stocks application. A stock market index is a method of measuring the value of a section of the stock market.

price weighted (such as Dow Jones Industrial Average) and market weighted (such as the S&P 500). Consider the long term investments, when trading CFDs and binary options; since the movement of indices usually does not involve significant changes.


Futures market is considered to be one of the most efficient markets, allowing its investors to trade intensively, producing sufficient trading volumes.

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Future contracts enable the traders to profit from the price margin of an asset, prior to the determined closing date. Futures can be traded within binary options and CFDs relevantly.

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