Bonus Programs

Intensified global competition that most brokers face highlights the importance of smartly designed bonus programs. Therefore, a highly motivated broker would consistently strive to provide the best trading environment to his investors. If you are a skilled trader or an enthusiastic beginner—in both cases, you should make sure to select the most appropriate firm to invest with.obtaining_bonus

Mainly, this implies selecting a broker with the most attractive bonus program. A bonus program is aimed to provide appropriate rewards for prospective traders, motivating them with attractive gifts, extra payouts, minimal deposit possibilities, minimum investment amount and more striking advantages. If bonus program is accurately designed and properly administered, it will have a major positive impact on investors’ trading capacity.

An effective bonus program encompasses the following awarding possibilities:

  • Welcome Bonuses

Special rewards you would be supplied with after opening an account with your preferable broker company. These bonuses are aimed to maximize your trading volume, which may be enhanced up to 100%, depends on an account type you choose. In general, most brokers provide their clients with variable account types supplied with attractive rewards; the crucial aspect is to select the most beneficial option that will suit your expectations.

  • Referral Bonuses

This program is a rare opportunity: only some prospective brokers provide their traders with referral bonuses. In fact, this exceptional feature is specifically designed by the brokers to motivate their current traders. According to it, the investors receive attractive rewards and extra payouts. This can be achieved through inviting more people to trade with your preferable company. All the trader has to do is to advise his friends to start investing with a specific broker, receiving extra profit for each invited friend. For instance, first time deposit made by every friend you invite may reward you with 5% cash bonus. Furthermore, once your friends’ trading volume increases so does your profit.

  • Monthly promotions and rewards

Special gifts that are aimed to motivate traders continue achieving high results in their trading careers. Usually offered each month and may include popular brands such as: iPhones, iPads, Rolex watches and more.

  • Trading volume based bonuses

One should reach specific trading results to receive an attractive trading volume based bonus, which aims to increase traders’ investments.

  • Competition

This bonus program is designed to inspire the traders achieve the highest possible results in shortest terms, competing with each other for the most prominent outcomes.

Some companies offer an extensive choice of assets that can be traded using a wide range of available instruments and tools aimed to enhance traders’ initial investments. Notwithstanding, the crucial aspect is to be aware of special bonuses that you will easily receive simply by registering and starting your trading progress with the right broker.

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