Trading Instruments

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better – Ralph Emerson

Make your trading experiments become useful and fruitful experiences. Take into account that precisely chosen trading instruments constitute half of your trading success. So, make the second step, examine the following material we offer. Opteck’s proprietary binary options platform is a good introduction to a variety of its trading instruments: Quick options, High/Low, Range, One Touch.

Trading Tools

These trading tools will be suitable for any type of trade you would like to perform. So, let us help you decide which trading instrument is the best for you.

  • CaptureondemandQuick Options is a unique trading instrument that enables each trader to produce a trade in an extremely short period of time. Note: the trade can be accomplished from beginning till end in 30 seconds. Additionally, there are offered various time-periods available to manage your trade with the same ease and comfort: 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Quick Options would be rather beneficial for those traders who would like to get sufficient returns on their investments.


  • Range Options the essence of Range Options is the distinctive ability of this instrument that allows the trader to choose the range of the selected asset. Namely, you do not have to predict price’s variation, but rather you are expected to determine the exact range of the asset you choose /diapason the asset dwells on. So, the investment would be profitable during the time frame of the option. Note: you have to be precise when predicting a specific asset’s price; it should indeed expire in or out of the predetermined range.


  • High-Low Options one of the easiest and the most comfortable instruments. This type of options basically offers you placing a standard “Call” or “Put” position on a selected underlying asset while you start trading. High Low Options is by right the most popular instrument due to its exceptional simplicity and comfort in use



  • One Touch Options this instrument will definitely surprise you. Since this option is one of the best ways to make the highest possible return on investment: think of reaching up to 100% on a single trade! So, what do you have to do? Simply determine whether a price of an underlying asset will reach a specific and predetermined level prior to its expiration time or not.

In conclusion, let us mention:

Successful traders have the courage to make action while others hesitate.












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